Power One Pocket V2

"What They Don't Want You To Know"

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Chapter 1: Racking And Breaking

The Freezer shows you the in's and out's of racking your balls and how to effectively break to keep control after the balls spread.

Chapter 2: Returning the Break

Scott goes into the fine details of the rack and the the break. Learn how to turn the tables on your opponents break in order to take control of the match.

Chapter 3: Banks

Banking is a HUGE part of a powerful one pocket game. Learn some of the techniques and tricks The Freezer uses in his game.

Chapter 4: Takeouts

Besides making balls in your own hole... you will need to learn to remove balls from your opponents corner without leaving them a shot. Learn how to properly dig and knock balls out with-out giving up position.

Chapter 5: Throw

This is one of those techniques that will take time to 'see' in the everyday game... but once you start seeing 'throw shots' you give yourself more shot selections.

Chapter 6: The End Game

Finishing off your opponent is one of the most important parts in GETTING THE CASH. Learn one of the major reasons how The Freezer puts his enemy in the ice box... He knows the secrets to a killer end game!

Chapter 7: 15 Ball Run Out

Watch the champ run out 15 balls straight into one hole while explaining every single shot. This is the game of a true master one pocket player. You're not going to want to miss this chapter of Power One Pocket 2!

Chapter 8: Road Stories

Being on the road playing pool for a living is a tough job for sure... In this chapter Scott shares some of the most entertaining, scary, and exciting adventures while on the road through out his career.

Chapter 9: Shot Stories

As you know... No two games of one pocket are the same. The balls are always laid out differently and quite frankly that's why we all love pool so much!! Right? In this chapter Scott tells some stories of the craziest shots that got him the cash.

Chapter 10: Player Match Reviews

In this chapter The Freezer walks you through some of his feature matches in both gambling and tournament play. Learn what he was thinking and why he took the shots he did. This chapter will really help your mental and strategic 'big picture' game.


Risk vs Reward

Should you take a shot or not? Should you go for your hole or duck and hide? Here Scott explains some scenarios that will help you make a confidant decision in the heat of the moment.

Preparing to Play

Getting your mind right prior to matching up or starting a tournament is KEY to be successful and not fall into a negative thinking rut right from the start. Learn some key mental tips to be confidant and have an edge on your opponent.


Watch the lighter side of recording a DVD. Scott is one of a kind character and knows how to entertain. Watch some of the funnier moment in the making of Power One Pocket 2.

This DVD is a one time investment that will greatly increase your one pocket game.

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